Spirituals and Gospel Songs

Organ Solo Arrangements

Spirituals & Gospel Songs
Hans Uwe Hielscher at the organ of Wiesbaden Marktkirche

Antalffy-Zsiross (Sketches on Negro Spirituals)
Dan Miller (Three Gospel Favorites)
Sowande (Joshua fit de battle ob Jericho)
Purvis (Were you there)
Martin (In Christ there is no East and West)
Miller (Steal away)
Schreiber (Fantasy on African-American Themes)
Wood (Three Gospel Hymns)
Diggle (Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals)

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Marktkirche Wiesbaden

68:05 min

Bruno Hebestreit

€ 10,00

Edition Lade, A-Schönau

EL CD 016


Miller: Three Gospel Favorites
Sowande: Joshua fit de battle ob Jericho
Purvis: Were you there
Martin: In Christ there is no East and West
Miller: Steal Away
Schreiber: Fantasy on African American Themes
Wood: Three Gospel Hymns
Diggle: Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals